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Echoes to the Damned

Well here I am, my travels have taken me across the world but now here I am in America. For the first time! It isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, no long lines in the market for potatoes. Let me speak for a moment about the Potatoes, these Idaho Potatoes are the most amazing potatoes ever. But the Vodka is shit.
As to why I am here, they returned and now I am on my own. And I need help, my contacts are useless in this part of the world and not all would be sympathetic to my plight in this country. Yet I have found a possible source of information, Victor, nice enough and always seems to make friends. He has mentioned a Dealer in the most powerful weapons, powers. This might be enough to stop them once and for all.
Tracking this Dealer down has been quite the ordeal, but more importantly the information I have learned is quite profound the government is rounding those people with powers up with their puppet the Iron Enforcer. It seems that the government might be trying to start registering supers like a simple gun. Oh the poor bastards have you not seen the ruins of my country from people like you. Well guess all people in power are the same, they just want more.
Once finding this Dealer I found I have been mislead the payment is higher than expected guess I must now owe a favor to this enigma of a man. He is the trusting sort which means he must have the power and means to do so, but what is his angle here if I am to combat against this returning evil I must now find what sort of people have I allied myself with. As for the team I am now assigned to I am the only one with any sort of training of any sort. There is a Latin man who seems to be a cook of some kind, have yet to make out his motivations in this thing. The former baseball star that is trying to build himself back into the light, useful motivation to exploit. The old American is a former arms dealer, though his weapons were shit we learned about them in training. The English television star is going to be the worst to use for she thinks that the world is still black and white. My personal favorite the psychotic cow all I need to do with him is point him in the right direction and tell him to smash. This will bring some interesting results, especially because I do not know what I am in debt for.

Our first job is to reclaim a man named Nick who has defaulted on his payments to the Dealer, his Dossier has a list of where he works, schools, and plays…I have found more dangerous men on less before. Given that his power is he can split himself his real self would be in a place he enjoys, the casino, so using my wits I determine that the best place for him to be is at the casino nearest his work and school. Upon arriving there my comrades decide to all go there separate way, and I decide to look and ask discreetly first at the craps table then the sports lounge and sure enough I find him in the sports lounge. While the others are gambling I proceed to escort him to the door, he then decides to take his chances with the family instead of us so he takes off towards the door. I miss when I go to grab him, but that is no worry I am faster than most olympic competitors. The commotion won’t cause any disturbances because a few of my comrades have decided to make fools of themselves and have the attention of the entire casino. That is until miss portal-jumper decides to open a portal underneath our feet. Now everyone knows something is up so I grab nick and throw him over my shoulder, there is no way we are getting out of this subtly. I run out and head to a place to lay low, a strip club up the road where I call a taxi. And who shows up, the psychotic cow as my taxi driver.

When we arrive at the Dealer’s I try and convince him to give up his other parts so he will not be harmed permanently but Miss Portal-Jumper decides that the Dealer is automatically on our side rather than figuring out the truthso she brings him in, tearing his hair out from my hands.

At this point I realize that I am in desperate need of some tactical gear and Victor is the one that knows everyone, so when Miss Portal-Jumper decides she wants weapons too, I let her know to include me in the meet. So I go to help Psychotic Cow and Baseballman with a grudge with some old lady, but it is ok I won’t let them actually hurt her, when we all receive a text Victor is stuck in a bank heist. I know we must help, a favor for a favor, so we arrive at the downtown bank where it is eerily quiet. Psychotic Cow gets the bright idea to make an bystander go through first setting of the trap the robbers had set, alerting them all to our presence. So I have Grumps transform a hole in the wall so we see into the bank, I slide in guns drawn when I realize I am not wearing body armor but this is more fun than I have had in awhile. I slide into a face full of smg bullets, now I have been shot before but this didn’t hurt a bit, maybe a little tingling. Miss Portal Jumper opens a portal up into the bank letting everyone in, then proceeds to drop one of the men behind me 300ft in the air, sadistic I think I am a little wet because of that. I then grab the buy in front of me and throw him backwards into the portal, that’s two.
The others are a little more difficult and they like to shoot at me, but it must be my lucky day cause they never hurt me. Once I reach them I realize I have been shot, many times, and it does nothing to me. The other robbers are incapacitated quickly. I chase after the others that escaped with the money but they got away. I however have procured the beginings of a weapons cache. Not a bad day, especially because Victor does tell me of a way to get the items I need, the Czechnian Mafia I even know someone there who might owe me a favor or maybe I owe hime one. Ah who knows but this much is true the Dealer has turned me into a force and I will come down upon them like a Blizzard from Siberia.


Someone’s a little egocentric…“I decided…”, “I learned…”, “I know…”, “I realize…”, “I Determined” It’s called teamwork, look it up. :P but nice log though

Echoes to the Damned

“And who shows up, the psychotic cow as my taxi driver.” I had an image of one of the cows from Chik-Fil-A behind the wheel, with a sign on top saying “Eat mor chkn”
You get a marble for your nice effort.

Echoes to the Damned

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